Environmentally Sensitive Design We Integrate Sustainability
For Worthwhile Outcomes

  • Oldham County Public Library

  • Thornwilde Elementary School

  • Twenhofel Middle School

  • Solar PV Systems

  • Geothermal HVAC System

  • Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Insulated Concrete Forms

Robert Ehmet Hayes & Associates has been a leader in achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification for public facilities in Kentucky including the first LEED Silver certified school, Twenhofel Middle School, and the first LEED Gold certified library, Oldham County Public Library, La Grange branch. In addition, Thornwilde Elementary School has achieved LEED certification.


While LEED is a recognized standard in environmentally sensitive design, the desire for sustainability is woven into every project we design, whether or not actual certification is pursued. Reducing energy usage through efficient designs and through the use of long-lasting building materials is inherent in each building. One of the first questions asked of our clients is the extent to which they would like to go with green initiatives. Our firm is familiar with all aspects of sustainable design, whether it is as simple as selection of locally sourced building materials or as complex as rainwater collection systems, daylight harvesting, or solar collector panels. Geothermal power, programmable thermostats, daylight/occupancy sensors on lighting, re-use of gray water for use in the building are all components that can be explored when deciding the extent of green initiatives. One of the newest green initiatives is storm water management and on-site pretreatment of storm water to limit disruption to neighboring properties. Limiting each building’s impact on the surrounding environment is important, given today’s increasingly compact world.


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